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What Your Graphic Tee Says About You

Posted on June 18 2021

Everyone loves a graphic tee— no matter who they are or where they come from. A graphic tee can signal to people what your interests or values are— like who your favorite musician or TV show is. 
With there being so many different types of graphic tees out there, have you ever stopped to wonder what your choice of graphic tee says about you? 
Read below to find out what your favorite graphic tee here says about you. 

Artsy Free Spirit

If you're a big fan of this graphic tee, you're likely someone who's picked up a paintbrush or a sketchbook more than a few times. The yellow combined with the message of kindness is exactly the motto that the quirky, free spirited artist lives by. You probably are the sensitive type who's very in tune with people's thoughts and emotions— and you have absolutely no tolerance for mean words or people. 

Outgoing Planner 

You're definitely a cat person, right? We kid, we kid. Obviously this tee is meant to be worn by someone whose highlight of the day is coming home after a long day at school or work to your puppy pal. On top of that, you're probably and enthusiastic, outgoing person who tends to fill up their program with lots of fun social events. You plan short-term and long-term goals for yourself, and are a real go-getter. (Not to mention you try to bring your dog whenever and wherever you can!) 

 Chaotically Organized Mess


We get it... you LOVE coffee. We know who you are— you've practically adopted your coffee-drinking habits as your entire personality. You're the type of person who hasn't quite mastered the whole scheduling and time management thing, so you tend to be all over the place. It's very possible that you're a writer or a college student who's changed their major five times and is just "figuring things out." But somehow... you make it work. Everyone in your life loves you because of how fun and spontaneous you are, but they hate having to hear your unsolicited opinions on every cup of coffee you drink. 

Laidback Beach Bum 

You're tan. You've got that perfectly tousled and messy beach hair.We'll even bet you live in coastal California or Florida. If it's sunny out and you have free time, you're hitting the beach— no questions asked. Whether or not you have companions to join you, you're going. Sometimes you'll even bring a book that you'll read for about 10 minutes before you toss it aside to take a nap or scroll through Instagram. You're chill, laidback, and someone with such positive vibes that everyone wants to be your friend.